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The Apple Watch is Finally Getting Sleep Tracking (Report)

While Apple focused on life-tracking and fitness features with the Apple Watch Series 2, it skipped over a standard found in most wearables: sleep tracking. While water-resistance and a GPS make the Apple Watch 2 a better device for swimmers and runners, the lack of sleep-tracking probably still seems odd to those who comparison shop.

So those losing sleep over this missing option should be happy to hear that Apple may be developing a sleep-tracking app for its Watch, according to a Bloomberg report. Fortunately for early adopters, this app wouldn't need new hardware, as the watch already monitors motion and heart-rate.

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The big problem for making sleep-tracking a reality on the Apple Watch is battery life. Apple encourages users to keep the wearable strapped on at all times, and since not all versions of the Watch offer enough battery life to wear it while you sleep (something we were able to do only during our Watch Series 2 review testing), nighttime is when many opt to charge the device.

We wouldn't put it past Apple to offer a solution to this matter along with the feature, such as developing a software solution that encourages owners to spend some daytime with the device off. Or maybe another dongle, one that allows you to charge the device while you wear it. That certainly sounds like an Apple accessory.

Sleep-tracking isn't the only new feature Apple is looking to add, as the company may also be working on an overall fitness measuring app. That program would measure how long it takes for the heart rate to fall from peak to resting levels.

Adding a widely-available feature long after the competition is completely fitting with Apple's history. Take, for example, the iPhone 3G, the second iteration of the handset and the first with industry standards such as push email and 3G connectivity. Not to mention that it took the company until the iPhone 7 to advertise water-resistance for its phones.