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Apple's iPhones Could Be Banned from US (Report)

Consumers eager to get their hands on Apple's iPhone 8 could have to wait even longer than they might expect, if a rumored request to ban iPhone shipments to the U.S. is granted.

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(Image credit: Image Credit: blackzheep /

iPhones, which are made in China, contain chips made by Qualcomm through a licensing deal. Apple has refused to pay the full amount it promised the company to use its technology, according to a Bloomberg report. As a result, Qualcomm is asking the International Trade commission to prevent the new iPhone, and potentially existing iPhone models, from making it into the U.S., according to an unnamed source.

The iPhone 8 was widely expected to make it here this fall, but according to a rumor that surfaced this week, Apple could unveil the new iPhone as early as next month, at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference.

While eager iPhone lovers may now have cause for concern, we consider it highly unlikely that a company as influential as Apple could possibly have its phones banned from entering the United States.

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Qualcomm's rumored request to ban the iPhone follows claims that Apple didn't make the iPhone 7 as good as it could be, performance-wise, by not using the full potential of Qualcomm's chips.

"Apple’s actions were intended to prevent consumers from realizing that iPhones containing Qualcomm chipsets performed far better than iPhones containing chipsets supplied by Intel," according a to a legal filing.

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  • Daekar3
    I don't know about a ban, but Apple needs to live up to its commitments. Complaining about "fair" pricing makes them look hypocritical at best, and like whiny millennial children at worst.
  • Asher_5
    Nice clickbait. A ban implies that they're not allowed, not that a particular model is briefly embargoed until a compromise can be reached.