Start it up! You've got the power with this incredible Black Friday starter deal

Topdon JS2000 and 3000
(Image credit: Topdon)

When you're going off-grid or just setting out on a weekend adventure, you need to be sure that the things you depend on most are ready when you need them: a flat battery can throw a real spanner into your road trip, and a dead device can mean no comms, no tunes and more seriously, no GPS. That's why serious adventurers put a JumpSurge in their vehicle to deliver power no matter where or when it's needed.

The JumpSurge is two essential devices in one. It's a jump-starter for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and more. And it's a power bank that can charge all your devices much faster than a standard charger can. It's the go-anywhere, do-everything power pack for every kind of adventure.

Whether you go for the super-smart JS2000 or its even more powerful sibling the JS3000, you can be sure of rock-solid reliability, serious smarts and all the flexibility you need when you're on the road or on the water. And if you move fast you can get yours for an incredibly low price too.

You've got the power

The Topdon JS2000 and JS3000 share the same smart design, state of the art safety features and flexibility. The JS2000 is a workhorse with 2,000 peak cranking amps – powerful enough to jump-start 12V battery vehicles of up to 8L for gas-powered vehicles and 6L for diesel – and enough capacity to deliver an incredible 35 jumps from a single charge.

Need even more power? The JS3000 takes the power up to an incredible 3,000 peak cranking amps, so you can jump gas-powered vehicles of up to 9L and diesel ones of up to 7L. Not only that, but you can get a massive 45 jumps from a single charge. 

The big benefit with both of these models is that you're completely self-sufficient: no matter how far from the crowd you roam, they ensure that even the flattest battery is a minor inconvenience rather than a massive problem. With both models you're back on the road or back on the water in just seconds.

The power you need for every kind of charge

Your JumpSurge isn't just a powerful crank charger. It can also recharge almost every kind of electronic device – and it can do it faster than standard device chargers. That's because it has USB Quick Charge 3.0 with outputs supporting 5V/3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. That means you can charge pretty much any kind of electronic device in less than an hour, whether you're topping up your tablet, filling up your phone or gassing up your GPS.

Light up the night

If you've ever wrestled with a wheel on a dark side road or had to carry out a running repair in complete darkness, you'll appreciate the fact that your JumpSurge also has a super-bright 300 lumen flashlight built-in. That's ideal for roadside or dockside repairs, and it's also useful as a warning light and an SOS thanks to its built-in emergency and SOS strobe options. 

High power. High quality

There's more to a charger than sheer power: you need rock-solid reliability too. That's why every JumpSurge is built from the highest quality materials and housed in a tough, road-ready casing that keeps it safe from dust, splashes and rough handling. Whether it's minus four or plus one hundred and forty, your JumpSurge won't let you down.

High quality also means the highest safety standards. Your JumpSurge contains innovative Stop Spark sensors, which will protect your car, your JumpSurge and you from accidental overheating. 

The perfect partner for every adventure

No matter what kind of vehicle you have or where you'll be taking it, there's a JumpSurge that's made specially for you. The JumpSurge 2000 is the excellent all-rounder with all the power and flexibility you need, but if you need to start even bigger vehicles then the even more powerful JumpSurge 3000 has all the strength you need to keep you moving.

We've left the best news till last: whichever JumpStarter you choose, if you buy yours before 27 November you can get it an an exceptionally low price. The JS2000 is usually $99.95, but you can get it for just $69.95 with the promotional Black Friday clip coupon; the even more powerful JS3000 is usually $169.99, but you can get yours for just $135.96.

Whether you're hitting the road or hitting the waves, the JumpSurge is your perfect power pack. Click here to find out how to power up your adventures.