How to sell your car online, fast, and for free

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Last year, nearly 7 million of us sold or traded in our used cars – and yet while “sell my car” is on a lot of our to-do lists, sometimes we put it off. That’s because the cut and thrust of traditional car selling – negotiating the price and trying to get a compromise between getting a good deal and having a quick and easy experience – isn’t something we all enjoy.

That’s where Motorway comes in. You might have seen their TV ads – “The way to sell your car!”. Motorway takes the stress out of selling, turning what can be admin-heavy and time-consuming into an easy online experience.

Here in the UK, the used car market is more than four times bigger than the new car market – and that means most of us can be expected to sell or trade in our cars at fairly regular intervals. By making the process easier, Motorway gives you tons of time back and makes the experience much more enjoyable too.

Motorway does that by taking the whole end-to-end process of profiling your car finding a buyer, and completing the sale – and putting it all on your phone. From getting your free, initial valuation to waving it off as it gets driven away, you can sell your car without leaving the sofa.

The easy way to sell your car

Selling with Motorway couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is enter your reg and mileage on Motorway’s website or in its app and you’ll get an instant valuation for free.

That valuation is based on Motorway’s smart value tech, which uses live market data for cars just like yours to ensure that the estimate you get is as accurate as possible. If your car’s in good condition, it’s a really accurate guide to the current market price of your car.

If you like the price, you can then profile your car in Motorway’s app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. This is really straightforward: all you need to do is answer some quick questions about your car’s spec and condition, and take a few photos with your phone’s camera. The app overlays templates on the screen to help you get all the key angles and produce impressively professional-looking photos.

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When you’ve completed your photos, your car will then be put into the daily online sale. Dealers interested in your car will compete for your car by offering their best price. The highest offer gets sent to you at the end of the sale, and all you need to do to approve it is click the link in your email. Then it’s just a matter of choosing a date and time for them to come and collect your car.

The fast way to sell your car

Motorway is one of the fastest ways to sell your car and get a great price. That’s because it has a network of more than 5,000 verified dealers competing to offer sellers the best price, and the whole process from listing your car to agreeing a sale can take place in as little as 24 hours. There’s no need to write lengthy ad descriptions or spend ages researching your car’s spec; Motorway does all that stuff for you.  

How Motorway works

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Your best price will be sent straight to your inbox by the end of the next available sale, which is usually the day after you’ve uploaded your car’s profile. All you need to do then is select a date and time for free home collection and make sure you’ve gathered your ownership documents.

The free way to sell your car

Motorway is completely free for sellers at every stage of the process, and it doesn’t charge a final value fee or commission: the price you agree is the price you get paid. If your car is in the condition you’ve described, the price you’ve been quoted is what you’ll see in your bank account.

Did you buy your current car on finance? Motorway can help with that too. All you need is a valid settlement agreement and for your chosen dealer to clear the outstanding finance and pay you the surplus. That means you get the best price from your car from competing dealers rather than having to accept a much lower trade-in agreement.

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The days when selling your car meant hard negotiations, dealing with timewasters, spending days visiting dealers and writing endless ads across multiple platforms are over: thanks to Motorway, it’s never been easier, quicker or more enjoyable to sell your car.

For an easy, stress-free selling experience, visit Motorway.