Save 30% on Jackery’s well-rated Power Station and Solar Panels for today only

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Whether you live in an area that constantly loses power or you like to live outdoors where connecting to power isn’t easy, having an easily accessible external power source is a great thing. Jackery has been making some really great portable power stations since 2015, and right now they are discounted at Amazon.

For today only, you can save 30% on the Portable Power Station Explorer 240 and the SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel. This drops the Portable Power Station from $250 to $174.99, and the Solar Panel from $180 to $125.99. Neither of these products were on sale for Black Friday, and the last time either saw a discount was nearly six months ago.

The SolarSaga panel was released earlier this year, and the Explorer 240 made its debut in 2018, so they feature the latest and greatest technology from the company inside. These products may not be as portable as some of the others we look at throughout the year, but these are also made to be used in very different ways.

Instead of just being able to charge your phone or tablet while you’re on the subway or a plane, the Power Station is designed to be used more like how you’d imagine using a traditional generator. This can output far more power, allowing you to use it to keep things like fans and TVs running from anywhere. It’s great for those who love to go camping, spend time in their RV, or if you happen to live in an area that the power goes out frequently.

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The Power Station Explorer 240 has a single DC port, a 110V, 200W AC port, and two USB ports. You can control the power to each of these individually, giving you more control over how long it can last for those times when you are expecting to be without power for a longer period. It has a built-in display that shows the internal battery percentage, as well as the input and output wattage. Currently, this is the top-rated portable power station at Amazon. It’s received nearly 850 reviews from customers who have collaboratively rated it a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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In addition to the Power Station, Jackery has its Solar Panel on sale today for a new all-time low price. You can use this to recharge the Power Station fully in just seven hours, or use it on its own to charge your phone, tablet, and other small devices. There’s an included adapter that gives you both a USB-C and USB-A output for connecting the cables of your choice to it. The panel folds up and has a built-in handle that makes it easy to transport and keep with you.

Odds are that you have someone, somewhere on your holiday shopping list that you just have no idea what to buy for them. While each of these devices on their own makes for a great gift, combining the two to give the gift of clean power is something that just about anyone can find value in. 

Jackery has a variety of other products available as well. Some of them include larger and smaller variants of both the Power Station and Solar Panels that are discounted today, along with portable battery packs and more. Amazon also has a variety of them on sale at various discount amounts right now.

Both of these items are only available at this pricing on December 14 only, so you won’t want to wait too long to make your purchase. Odds are we won’t see another discount on these for a few months, so be sure to grab them now!