New Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle gives you a smarter way to stay hydrated

Gatorade has been helping athletes stay fueled and ready to compete at the top of their game for decades, and now is giving them an entirely new way to keep track of their hydration wherever they are.

The new Smart Gx Bottle is designed to give athletes granular, up-to-the-minute information on their daily hydration by using a smart sensor in the lid that pairs to the Gx app. Once athletes have built a profile in the app, the Smart Gx Bottle can notify them about their hydration throughout the day, both in the Gx app and with the integrated LED lights on the lid. Just press the button on the lid to get an update on how you’re tracking throughout the day.

Proper hydration is vital for every athlete and that’s exactly what the Smart Gx Bottle is designed to help with. By pairing the bottle with an iPhone (Android support coming 2023), athletes can set daily hydration goals and track them both in the app and with the built in LED lights on the lid. Plus, the app can also provide workout, product and hydration recommendations based on the athlete’s profile and hydration data.

Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle

(Image credit: Gatorade)

The Smart Gx Bottle and Gx app also work seamlessly with other Gatorade products to give athletes even more tools to stay at the top of their game. The lid of the bottle can take Gatorade Gx Pods to keep you fueled for any workout and you can pair the Gx Sweat Patch with the app to get even more data into your personal hydration profile.

All together, the Smart Gx Bottle, Pods, Sweat Patch, workout plans, and more combine to give every athlete a training plan using the same sport-science recommendations provided to the pros. The Smart Gx Bottle Starter Kit comes complete with Gx Pods and a Gx Sweat Patch is available now. The Smart Gx Bottle is available in black with a customizable ID ring and more colors coming soon. Pick yours up today.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the new Smart Gx Bottle:

How does it work?

The cap of the bottle has a sensor that calculates how much liquid is in the bottle when it’s resting on a flat surface. To do so, the sensor measures the distance between it and the top of the liquid, then subtracts that from the bottle’s known total volume. This measurement lets us know how much liquid has been consumed over a period of time. After each drink, the cap lights up to help you easily track progress towards your hydration goals throughout the day.

Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle

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How do I connect the Smart Gx Bottle?

  1. Make sure the Smart Gx Bottle is discoverable by holding down the button on the cap until you see flashing blue lights (typically around 8 seconds).
  2. Once the Smart Gx Bottle is discoverable, tap the “Find My Smart Gx Bottle” button to connect your bottle to the Gx app. 
  3. Once the app has located your bottle, click the “Connect My Smart Gx Bottle” button.

Do I need to download the Gx app to use the Smart Gx Bottle?
Yes, you’ll need to download the app and follow the instructions in it to get started with your Smart Gx Bottle.

What kinds of liquids can I use in my Smart Gx Bottle?
You can use water, Gatorade® Gx Pods and other sports drinks. Do not use hot liquids in the Smart Gx Bottle as they could damage the cap.

Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle

(Image credit: Gatorade)

What do the different lights on the cap mean? 

  • Blinking red lights indicate a low battery.
  • Green lights indicate the cap is charging and light up to the current charge level.
  • Tilting the Smart Gx Bottle when not in silent mode, or pressing the button on the cap will show lights up to the current progress and a flashing dot for the target.
  • Lights pulsing at specified intervals are hydration reminders.
  • A flash followed with lights slowly fading out means the Smart Gx Bottle is entering silent mode.
  • Lights slowly fading in followed with a flash means the Smart Gx Bottle is exiting silent mode.
  • A variety of multicolored lights (sometimes referred to as a ‘fireworks display’) signals you’ve completed your hydration goal for the day.
  • A pulsing blue light indicates the cap is in pairing mode.
  • A bouncing blue light indicates the Gx app has established connection and requires user confirmation.

How often do I need to charge my Smart Gx Bottle?
On average, the Smart Gx Bottle can go 3-5 days on a single charge, though usage and frequency of charging can impact this.