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Let 'Er Roll: New Smart Mouse Tracks Gaming Performance

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- In your quest for gaming dominance, you spend thousands of hours pushing a mouse around. But who's counting how far you've scrolled, or how many times you've clicked? Thermaltake's new Ventus X Smart Mouse pairs with your mobile device via and uses an app to track your gaming performance.

Due out later this year for a still-undetermined price, the Ventus X Smart Mouse has the typical amenities you'd expect from a premium wired gaming mouse, including 5,700 DPI resolution and weights you can add or remove. Like other Thermaltake peripherals, the mouse has an attractive black body with tasteful red lighting. 

To help keep your hands dry through those all-night frag sessions, the Ventus X Smart Mouse has an aerodynamic design which pushes cool air upward through the attractive honeycomb-shaped ventilation holes on its top surface as you move. The mouse is particularly targeted at players who use a claw-style grip that doesn't obstruct the vents.

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The identical Ventus X (non-smart) mouse is already for sale at $59.99, but lacks the tracking features found in the Ventus X Smart Mouse. To take advantage of the tracking, users must pair the peripheral with an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and install the Tt eSports Plus+ app. Using the app, you can see your clicks, distances moved and liftoff. You can then share these stats or compare them to other gamers.

Thermaltake currently has two other smart gaming peripherals in the Theron Plus+ mouse and the Poseidon Z Plus+ keyboard, which registers keystrokes instead of clicks. The Ventus X Smart Mouse is expected to launch in the months ahead for a price just a bit higher than the non-smart version.

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