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Uber's Big Makeover: What You Need to Know

If you fire up your Uber app today, you're likely to see something that's much more cleaner, intuitive and feature-rich than what you're used to. The popular ridesharing app just started rolling out a major update, complete with a full redesign that's focused on simplicity.

When you open the new version of Uber, you'll be treated to a far less cluttered home screen that asks a simple question: where to? The app now has big icons that let you immediately request a ride to some of your favorite destinations, and it also syncs with your phone's calendar to figure out where you might be headed for your next meeting.

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Once you do request a driver, you'll see clear pricing estimates for every type of ride, whether you want to save money in an UberPool or ride in luxury in a black car. Ride types are now neatly organized into categories such as Economy, Premium and Extra Seats, making it easier to decide which car you might need.

What's even more neat, however, is what you can do once your ride begins. The new Uber app now displays a whole activity section once you're on a trip, allowing you to change Pandora stations, see nearby restaurants and attractions, and check transit times for any bus or train stations you might be headed to. You can even mess around with Uber-exclusive Snapchat filters, because, let's face it — the world needs to know you're in an Uber.

As a frequent Uber user, I appreciate the fact that the app wants to help me find a ride faster, and I'm eager to tinker with the new on-trip features. The big update is rolling out globally on both iOS and Android, so keep an eye out on the App Store or Google Play Store for it.