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Trending: Bill Gates Says FBI Should Unlock Shooter's iPhone

The big FBI-Apple privacy debate continues to rage on, and Bill Gates has taken a surprising stance on the issue. Also, read up on Samsung's stylish new NYC store, as well as Valve's fun new tool that lets you ensure your PC is ready for virtual reality. Here's what's trending in tech.

Bill Gates Says Apple Should Unlock Shooter’s iPhone

We now know where Microsoft founder Bill Gates stands on the big Apple-FBI security debate, and his answer may surprise you. In an interview with the Financial Times, Gates said that in the specific case of the San Bernardino shooter investigation, Apple should provide the FBI with the information it requested. However, Gates followed up on Bloomberg to clarify that he doesn't fully back either side, noting that there needs to be a balance between protecting users' privacy and leveraging technology to fight terrorism.

Samsung's New NYC Shop is a Lounge For Tech Junkies

Not content to let Apple have all of the retail fun, Samsung opened its hip new "837" store in Manhattan's meatpacking district. The shop is designed to be just as much a digital playground as it is a place to buy Samsung products, with a massive three-story display and plans for special events including celebrity meet-and-greets and workshops that help shoppers learn about new tech.

Here’s the Microsoft HoloLens Start Menu

We've already seen and experienced the variety of ways Microsoft's HoloLens brings Windows 10 to the living room, and now we've got our best look yet at the holographic headset's user interface. A leaked video of the device's Actiongram app shows off the HoloLens' Start menu, which has been tweaked to support gesture-based navigation. The menu shows a square-shaped grid of Windows apps that users can jump into by simply pointing their fingers, with a big Hey Cortana icon hovering above. HoloLens should be landing in the hands of developers this year; we can't wait to get our eyes on the latest build.

Valve Helps You Make Sure Your PC is Vive-Ready

Pre-orders for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset are going live next week, and Valve has launched a new tool that lets your test your PC's VR-readiness before you plunk down a hefty $799 for one. The SteamVR Performance Test has some fun with the process, playing a two-minute sequence inspired by Valve's Portal game as it gauges your PC's capabilities. If your PC isn't quite VR-ready, the app will tell you specifically what's holding it back -- whether it's your graphics card, your processor or both.  

Snapchat Adds On-Demand Geofilters For Parties

Snapchat's geofilters provide a cool way to trick out your selfies based on your location, and now you can make your own. The social media app now allows users to purchase a custom geofilter for your next party or wedding, allowing everyone at your event to show off where they are with some extra flair. Filters start at just $5, though you'll need to pay more depending on how large and long your event is.