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Polaroid Snap Brings Instant Photos to the Digital Era

For a long time, the future of Polaroid and its classic instant photos were in limbo, but now that the quirky photo company is back, it's decided to make the jump from analog to digital with its new Snap camera.

Polaroid took its existing digital printer, the Zip, and slapped a 10-megapixel camera on the front, creating a device that’s one part camera, one part mini photo-maker and a whole ton of fun. The cute little Snap is priced at $99, with packs of 100 sheets of printing paper running about $25.

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I got a chance to try the Snap out for myself at IFA, and using it couldn’t be easier. To turn it on, all you have to do is flip up the viewfinder. From there you can choose from one of six modes such as normal, black and white, and vintage, and snap away while the camera stores your pictures on a microSD card. You can even choose to add the trademark white Polaroid border to your photos if you’re looking to get really authentic.

The printer spits out 3 x 2-inch photos, and thanks to the special ZINK Zero Ink paper, you can make images without the hassle of messy ink cartridges or toner. The printer was also calibrated to recreate the signature Polaroid color palette, which means you can get the same muted hues and colors from the company's classic cameras, and there’s almost no wait before the pictures are ready. Apologies to the folks who were looking to stand there shaking their pictures like they did with the original Polaroids.

Even with such small prints, photos from the Snap were surprisingly detailed. If you’re feeling a little sneaky, you can even add photos to your microSD card beforehand and impress your friends with professional-looking photos you stole, I mean found, on the Web. There's also a photo booth mode, allowing you to turn any situation into a impromptu photo shoot.

The Snap will be available in black, white, red and blue sometime before the end of 2015.