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Melo Mind Calms Your Brain Through Mellow Tunes

LAS VEGAS—Strap in, turn on, and tune out? The myBrain Melo Mind looks to calm your nerves by playing soothing music based on your brain waves.

The Melo Mind, available for preorder for $299, consists of a smartphone app and a device that, when placed on your head, makes you look like a relative of Lobot, Lando Calrissian’s aide.

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Sensors located at several points in the headpiece pick up your brain waves and transmit them via Bluetooth to an app. The app interprets those signals, and then plays music based on those patterns designed to calm your mind.

This isn’t the first stress-relieving tech we’ve tested; the HeartMath Inner Balance also purported to help you calm down, although it measured your heart rate variability, whereas the Melo Mind measures Electroencephalography (EEG), electrical impulses that run along your scalp.

Created by PhDs in neuroscience and brain imaging, and in conjunction with the Brain and Spine Institute in Paris, the Melo Mind app looks to help you relieve stress through 15-minute sessions. Of course, wearing the device itself felt funky enough that in order to effectively use it, you’d have to have a pretty open mind.