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Star Wars Kotor 2 Adds 4K, Gamepad Support

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was one of the most ambitious Star Wars games ever produced, and this ambition ultimately got the better of it. When this action/role-playing game from Obsidian first launched in 2004, fans noticed that there seemed to be a lot of content missing. Thanks to a new patch on Steam, fans can now experience the uncut KOTOR II with achievements, 4K resolution and controller support.

Information comes from a post on the game's Steam page. Aspyr, a publisher that specializes in porting popular games to PC, Mac, Linux and Android, collaborated with Disney Interactive (the game's current copyright holder) to bring the KOTOR II improvements as an official patch rather than just an unofficial mod. To be clear: Most of this content already existed as optional, user-generated content for the game, but Aspyr has made it an integral part of the game and accessible to most users.

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The big improvements to the game include 37 new achievements (the original game predated in-game achievements), Steam Cloud saves, widescreen support, resolution up to 5K, popular controller connectivity and a connection to Steam Workshop, which makes it easy to share and install mods. The Restored Content Mod, which brings a ton of cut content back to KOTOR II, is not part of the patch, but has Aspyr's full support through Steam Workshop.

KOTOR II usually costs $10 on Steam, but in honor of the new patch, it will be on sale for $7.50 for the next week. If you've already bought it, the new patch should install automatically. From there, just choose the mods you want and experience the full game that, to be fair, you probably should have gotten 11 years ago.

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