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Class Action Suit Over iPhone 4 Reception Issues

iPhone 4 users have been experiencing problems with the antennae on their phones. Originally supposed to improve reception, it was discovered soon after preordered iPhones started arriving that holding the phone a certain way seriously affected signal. Steve Jobs has said that users who want to avoid this issue can either not hold the phone that way or buy a case from Apple, which will solve the problem completely.

If you think those solutions sound a little unfair, you're not alone. Law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff is seeking iPhone 4 owners for a class-action lawsuit based on the poor reception and dropped calls.

CONSUMER INVESTIGATION: iPHONE 4 Dropped Calls and Reception Problems

Though there's sure to be no shortage of people lining up to tell KCR about their iPhone 4woes, it's worth noting that Apple devices aren't unique when it comes to this issue. As you can see from the video below, the reception on handsets from other manufacturers is also adversely affected when you cover the antenna.