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PR Experts Say iPhone 4 Recall is 'Inevitable'

We all know about the iPhone 4's antenna issue, so I won't bore you by reiterating the finer details. Covering the lower-left corner diminishes signal and solutions to the problem range from a piece of duct tape, to cases, to a software patch that will alter the iPhone's signal bars to better reflect how much signal the user actually had in the first place. However, at least three PR experts believe these solutions will not be enough and predict that an Apple iPhone 4 recall is imminent.

CultofMac cites Professor Matthew Seeger, an expert in crisis communication from Wayne State University, as saying the design flaw is 'potentially devastating.'

"Apple will be forced to do a recall for this product," he said. "It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has. This is potentially devastating."

Dr. Seeger isn't alone in his thinking; two more experts told CultofMac the same thing. Chris Lehane, former 'Master of Disaster' for the White House (President Clinton), said the iPhone 4 antenna problem needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

"You acknowledge it; you address it; you deal with it," Lehane said. "Apple must protect its brand image, its crown jewels, at all cost. Apple has enormous consumer loyalty but it depends on whether people believe it’s credible."

Another expert, Dr. Larry Barton, author of Crisis Leadership Now, criticized Apple's response to the problem and said they need to take a 'military-like' approach to the issue.

"Apple needs to put this fire out now,” said Dr. Barton. "There has to be a military-like response to this issue. And we have not seen this kind of urgency."

"Their response has been lackluster," he continued. "It’s been borderline irresponsible. They are in danger of betraying customers’ trust and hurting the brand, which is infinitely more valuable than any one product."

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Source: CultofMac