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Yahoo! to Announce Layoffs Wednesday

Kara Swisher today reports some more details on what Jerry Yang announced a few weeks back. It’s about six weeks since the soon to be former CEO announced that the company would be laying off 1,500 employees before the end of the year. Six weeks is a long time, especially if you’re sitting at your desk with your fingers crossed, hoping it’s not your job on the line and apparently Yahoo! wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the ‘ol hints about who was getting the old heave-ho.

When the news first hit the wire, we speculated that the company would have to layoff more than the planned 1,500 if it wanted to save money. Yahoo! laid off about 1,000 people last January and had managed to increase headcount by nearly the same amount by the time June rolled around, bringing the company right back to square one. It looks like we might have been right about 1,500 not being enough. BoomTown has confirmed our suspicions and rounded up a few other bits and pieces which are as follows:

-  Sources say the number could be as many 2,000, despite official statements saying different.
-  Though general, the layoffs will hit HR and Finance in a big way.
-  Employees will be handed their pink slips on Wednesday and be gone within a few hours.
-  Extra security will be on standby to handle particularly upset employees but Yahoo! isn’t expecting any huge freakouts given the amount of time employees have had to prepare for the news.
-  Like we said, management hasn’t publicly said who’s staying or going and most employees are in the dark.

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