Leaked File Reveals Yahoo's Spy Service

Wired reports that a 17-page guide revealing Yahoo's "spying services" has leaked onto the Internet, and that the company is now issuing takedown notices to websites hosting the file. The sensitive document appeared immediately after Yahoo had blocked the Freedom of Information Act release of its law enforcement and intelligence price list last week.

Whistleblower website Cryptome was the first to receive the document, who also published "lawful data-interception" guides for other companies including Nextel, Cingular, Cox Communications, and more. The site reports that the document not only provides information on Yahoo's surveillance capabilities, but also its data retention policies.

Yahoo's lawyers issued a DMCA takedown notice to Cryptome, claiming that the publication of the document is a copyright violation. John Young, owner and operator of Cryptome, was ordered to remove the document from his website by Thursday. Currently the sensitive document still remains on the website.

The transaction between Yahoo and Young can be seen here, with the latest installment provided by Yahoo hounds barking that Young's delay in removing the file is not warranted. Young claims that the Yahoo document is not copyrighted material, and will not remove the document because "it provides information that is in the public interest about Yahoo's contradictory privacy policy and should remain a topic of public debate on ISP unacknowledged spying complicity with officials for lucrative fees."

The file in question is in PDF format, and can be downloaded here.

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  • okibrian
    The last time I used Yahoo! was like 1997 I think.
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    Please take it down LMAO. FAIL~!
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    lol, and here I thought Yahoo was the Non Evil one :lol:
  • okibrian
    The last time I used Yahoo! was like 1997 I think.