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Microsoft: Our Websites Are ''Horrific''

What's worse? Microsoft claiming that it makes the lives of its partners too complicated, or the fact it acknowledges that its websites are horrific and lack clarity. That's the summation of recent comments made by Microsoft's Scott Dodds during a Microsoft Partner Network event held today in Wembley, London.

Dodds also admitted that its a "perennial challenge" to make things simpler for its partners, and is somewhat tough to overcome. "We as a business are not doing a good enough job of showing partners what to specifically sell to customers," he said. "Our websites are horrific and we've got to be much clearer about what we have to offer."

The message comes before the dawn of Windows 7 heading to retail shelves later this month. But according to The Register, Microsoft's "array" of products demands that partners take on a seven-point agenda over the next year that stretches beyond promoting the new OS.

Microsoft's UK partner strategy director Clare Barclay added that although the company overhauled the reseller program back in July, the websites--in addition to licensing and training--need a major face-lift in order to provide ease of use.