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Make A Wish Makes Drivable R2D2 for Leukemia Patient

If you grew up watching the Star Wars saga and were eternally jealous of Kenny Baker, know that you're not alone. However, thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation, one kid's dream of being the man behind R2D2 has come true. Enlisting the help of Little Mountain Productions, the Make A Wish Foundation produced an R2D2 model big enough to fit 7-year-old Matthew Grammer, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2009.

"R2D2 was a fun challenge to build. R2 was fabricated with a simple joystick with massive on/off buttons inside. We also placed a large (kill it) button on the outside for parents," Little Mountain said. "The computer is powered by 2 rechargeable gel batteries and guided by our proprietary software that is enclosed under the cushioned driver's seat."

According to Tulsa World, Matthew's droid was unveiled at Bishop Kelley High School during the school's winter homecoming pep rally on Monday afternoon. The senior class at Bishop Kelley dressed up as "Star Wars" characters, learned music from the films, and wrote and performed a "Star Wars" skit during the pep rally.

Check the video below to see Matthew take Artoo for a test drive.