Dyson Unveils New 'Wet and Dry' AirBlade Faucet

Though it was originally known for producing vacuum cleaners, Dyson is arguably one of the coolest companies around. Responsible for the AirBlade dryers you see in public restrooms, the company also produces bladeless fans, bladeless fan heaters, as well as its complete line of vacuums. This week, the company is adding another innovative product to its portfolio.


Dyson has just announced a new AirBlade faucet that will dry your hands after you've washed them. The AirBlade Tap combines a high-speed hand dryer with hot and cold water outlets and retails for over £1000. Dyson says hands can now be dried at the sink in under 15 seconds with no need to move to a separate hand drying area.

The AirBlade Tap is based on the Dyson digital motor V4, one of the world's smallest fully-integrated 1400W motors. It's powerful enough to draw in over 7 US gallons of air a second through a HEPA filter and dry hands in 14 seconds. The AirBlade Tap comes in three different models, the AB09, AB10, and AB11. The first two are short and long variations of the faucet, while the AB11 is a wall tap. 

Here's how it works, courtesy of Dyson's AirBlade brochure:

  1. Hands placed under sensors – touch free start.
  2. Dirty restroom air is sucked in by the Dyson digital motor V4.
  3. It passes through a HEPA filter, removing 99.97% of the bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air used to dry hands.
  4. The filtered air passes over the electronics, cooling them.
  5. The air then reaches the motor, which channels it up and through the machine.
  6. Air passes into the air hose.
  7. It’s then forced through apertures – creating sheets of air traveling at 420 mph.
  8. The sheets of air literally scrape water from hands simultaneously.
  9. Hands are dried hygienically in 14 seconds.

The Dyson AirBlade Tap will cost $48 per year. This is compared to the $40-$43 per year cost of a regular Dyson AirBlade dryer. Other hand dryer solutions can cost as much as $1,460 per year, according to Dyson. The AirBlade Tap will be available in March of this year. We continue to wait patiently for the AirBlade shower.

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  • Anonymous
    Will they have a British version that freezes one hand and scalds the other?
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  • sundragon
    If this works as fast as the commercial AirBlade driers, they may make it sell.
  • gm0n3y
    I'm surprised that making a faucet / dryer combo took this long. It should be more efficient and take up less space.
  • dimcorner
    Not to mention the floor won't be wet all the time from people walking with dripping hands over to the drying station.