Verizon's FiOS-Optimized 802.11N Router Soon

Broadband Reports recently spoke with Verizon's Bill Kula in regards to a wireless router for FiOS that supports the 802.11N standard.

Current models in use by Verizon--the Actiontec or the Westell--do not support the latest standard. Thus, users are required to connect an additional 802.11N unit to their FiOS router. As Broadband Reports states, a 802.11N would save an outlet and simplify the overall setup.

But that's about to change. According to Kula, an updated router is on the way. "We have a broadband home router in system integration testing now," he said. "We expect it to come out in the July/August timeframe (and) it has the 802.11n radio, and Gigabit Ethernet interface."

For the uninitiated, FiOS is Verizon's high-speed fiber-optic broadband Internet connection. Depending on the area, the service can provide speeds up to 50 Mbps downstream and 25 Mbps upstream. Unfortunately, FiOS isn't available everywhere--interested consumers will need to head here to see if FiOS is available locally.

Most Tom's Hardware readers however, will likely opt for their own preferred routers instead of using an ISP supplied device.

Which router brand do you prefer?

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  • scook9
    About god dam time....the actiontec is a POS

    These (gigabit ethernet and wireless n) should have both been in the original model...
  • Shadow703793
    Which router brand do you prefer?

    Fore wired CAT5 at home, I use a Cisco.

    Fore WiFi, I use a ASUS. I don't use WiFi, the only reason for this being at my house is cause my sister wanted to go online with here DS Lite.
  • Shadow703793
    Just curious, can any one with FiOS post their results? I'm interested in seeing if Verizon,et al actually delivers all of this bandwidth.