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New! Improved! Low-carb! (well, maybe not) Tom's Networking Guide

So you're having your morning cuppa while checking in on your favorite sites and, of course, come here and...wha?! No, your browser hasn't entered auto-redesign mode. Instead, you're looking at the refreshed Tom's Networking Guide.

As you've read in our fearless leaders' message, where before there were two - our big brother Tom's Hardware Guide and us - there are now four places in the TG Publishing empire where you can get your daily tech news and info fix. Omid and David's piece explains the who, what and why of all that, so I'll just focus on orienting you to the new digs.

Aside from the new color scheme and look, the main change is found on that second navigation bar up above. To better serve those of you with interest in specific areas of networking technology and little time to spare, we've created new "mini-portals" for Wireless, Voice over IP (VoIP), LANs / Routers, Networked Storage (NAS) and networked Multimedia products.

Click into any of these areas and you'll the latest articles and reviews, as well as links to archives of everything we've got on that topic. And since everything in life doesn't fit into neat little categories, the Everything Else will present things like show reports and, well, you know...

The other link is News, which still earns coveted real estate on the nav bar because it isn't yet organized by topic. But as we grow into our new home and finish unpacking our boxes of bits, News will eventually be melded into the other mini-portals, as well as integrated with plenty of up-to-date news from one of our new siblings, TG Daily.

If you're looking for the Product Guides, FAQ or Links & Tools sections, just scroll down a bit to the Navigator box, where you'll find links to all three. And if you're a hurry to browse our Reviews, there's a link in the Navigator, too.

Other than that, it's business as usual, bringing you the most in-depth, unbiased and authoritative coverage of SOHO and small-business networking you'll find on, or off, the 'net!