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Destiny Cheaters Facing Bungie's Wrath

Anyone who's cheating in Destiny might want to think twice about it. Developer Bungie says it will ban anyone it finds cheating in the online game.

In a post announcing the banning policy, Bungie outlines three different punishments for cheaters: activity restrictions, account restrictions and a complete ban. An activity restriction will cause a player to temporarily lose access to certain activities within the game, though they'll still be able to access other parts of Destiny. Activity restrictions also could wind up costing players the ability to access certain weapons, armor, and missions.

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If gamers are slapped with an account restriction, they'll be completely banned from accessing any in-game activities. Bungie says the bans are temporary, though it's not clear how long those bans might last.

Bungie considers it cheating if you modify either the Destiny software or your console to gain an advantage over other players. Other violations include using a third-party program to change how the game operates, impersonating an employee from Microsoft, Bungie, Sony, or Activision, or trying to automate gameplay.

Bungie also says if it finds that a console was used by multiple players to cheat, it will ban that console.

The new restrictions are part of a broader effort by Bungie to take aim at cheaters inside Destiny. Over the last several months, players have complained that some people have used denial-of-service attacks to slow down a competitor's connection and gain an advantage in online play. Some are also modifying their consoles to give them an edge in the game.

Cheating, of course, is a regular occurrence in online games, and depending on their severity, can be treated with a slap on the wrist or an outright ban. But in a game as popular as Destiny, a simple slap on the wrist for certain infractions just isn't good enough. And as some Destiny players have said, the level of cheating is getting worse.

While Bungie's temporary bans are designed to encourage good behavior without permanently banning people, the developer says it reserves the right to take the nuclear option on those who can't get in line. For now, Bungie isn't offering banned players any recourse, and says there are no ways for gamers to "dispute or overturn account restrictions or bans." So, if you're banned, you'll need to wait it out in silence.

Bungie is rolling out its bans right now. If you're on the list, watch out — and try to behave.