Upgrade your cleaning power with these Black Friday deals from Tineco

Tineco Black Friday vacuum sales promotional image
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Spring Cleaning may be a ways away, but Black Friday provides a great opportunity to gear up for it without also cleaning out your wallet. Battery-powered vacuum cleaners and stick vacuums are a handy tool for whole-home cleaning, since you don’t have to fuss with a power cord every time you want to use it. Tineco makes a wide variety of battery-powered cleaners, from handy stick-vacs to powerful all-in-one vacuums that can get up messes and mop all in one go. And for Black Friday, Tineco has a bunch of discounts on its devices. 

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 vacuum

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You can do all your floor cleaning in one pass with Tineco’s FLOOR ONE S5. This powerful vacuum is not only capable of sucking up dry debris like dust and pet hair but also is built for wet messes, so you can clean up spills at the same time as the rest of the floor. It also has a water tank to allow it to mop the floor, using a special sensor to detect when it’s on a hard surface suited for mopping. With a 35-minute runtime on its battery and two large tanks for dirt and clean water, the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 is ready for large cleaning jobs. And when you’re done, you can just empty the tank and put the vacuum back in its docking station to charge, as the roller is self-cleaning. You can get the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 for $324 with this Black Friday discount.


Snag the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 for $175 off. This powerful cleaner can tackle your floors with both vacuuming and mopping all in one pass so you can get back to what you enjoy doing most.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro vacuum

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For even more advanced cleaning, you’ll want the FLOOR ONE S7 PRO. Like the FLOOR ONE S5, the S7 PRO is capable of vacuuming and mopping, and will handle wet and dry messes alike. This model features a longer-lasting battery and bigger tanks, though, letting you go even further in one go. It also has an upgraded roller for edge cleaning on both sides. It also features SmoothPower self-propulsion to help you push and pull the vacuum. You can save on the FLOOR ONE S7 PRO for Black Friday with this deal that brings the price down to $559. 

Tineco PURE ONE Station vacuum stand

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If you prefer a stick vacuum and don’t need mopping capabilities, Tineco offers the PURE ONE Station as a fuss-free tool for cleaning around the home. The vacuum features multiple brush heads for cleaning floors, furniture, and more, and it offers the iLoop Smart Sensor to increase suction as needed. The clutch feature of this vacuum is the OmniHub docking station, which not only charges the vacuum but also cleans its brush head and empties the dust bin into a large, 3-liter bin inside the docking station that can hold up to 60 days worth of debris. You can get the PURE ONE Station for $639 with this Black Friday deal. 

Tineco PURE ONE S15 Essentials vacuum

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If you just need a stick vacuum to help out with cleaning around the home, there’s also the Tineco PURE ONE S15 Essentials. This stick vacuum comes with a variety of cleaning heads to help crack down on dust and debris from floor to ceiling. Its built-in filtration helps ensure what it sucks up doesn’t end up in the air. So you can breathe a little easier when you finish cleaning. And when you’re done with a cleaning, the PURE ONE S15 Essentials makes it simple to finish up as it has an anti-tangle brush and the One-Touch Trigger automatically pushes out dustbin contents when the lid opens. Then you can set it back onto the freestanding charging base so it’s ready for the next cleaning. Snag the PURE ONE S15 Essentials for just $279 with Tineco’s Black Friday discount. 

Tineco PURE ONE S11 Vacuum

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Tineco’s PURE ONE S11 is an even more affordable yet still effective helper for cleaning around the house. Like the PURE ONE S15 Essentials, this model offers multiple brush heads for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, and its iLoop Smart Sensor automatically adjusts power when there’s more debris to suck up. LED lights on the main roller will help you see where you need to clean, and a 40-minute runtime and 0.6-liter dustbin offer plenty of power and space to tackle major cleanings without multiple trips to the charger or garbage bin. The PURE ONE S11 now costs just $209 with the Black Friday deal from Tineco. 

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning game without making more work for yourself, be sure to check out these vacuums from Tineco. You can also check out the rest of Tineco’s offerings on its Amazon store page for more products and deals.