Unleash Cutting-Edge Cleaning Tech with Narwal Freo - 43% Off this Cyber Monday!

Narwal Freo Black Friday
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The day may come when we are all slaves to our AI-powered robot overlords, but today is not that day and for now they still work for us.

Nowhere is our complete and utter mastery of robotkind better demonstrated than with the Narwal Freo mop and vacuum cleaner, available with a whopping $600 discount this Cyber Monday.

Anyone who originally dismissed the robot vacuum cleaner scene and its first generation of clumsy, bumpy efforts will be astounded at the advances that have been made.

Narwal Freo Vacuum

(Image credit: Narwal)

All those early promises are now being gloriously fulfilled and these devices are shortly to become as ubiquitous as tumble dryers, thanks to greatly improved affordability, smart engineering, and cutting-edge AI tech.

The Narwal Freo represents the current frontline of that cutting edge, featuring no fewer than ten patents, a crystal-clear user interface, sleek design, and almost uncanny levels of intelligence.

AI DirtSense™: The Tech Marvel

AI Dirtsense is the jewel in the Freo's crown, enabling the machine to detect exactly how much of a mess it's dealing with and adjust spin speed, mop pressure and repetition accordingly.

Everything from wine stains to biscuit fall under this unfailing gaze, and the Freo will continue to analyze, mop, scrub, and suck until everything's squeaky clean and pleasantly scented.

Yes, it actually leaves everything smelling fresh. A nice touch.

Narwal Freo Vacuum

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EdgeSwing™ Precision: Don't Miss a Corner, Even Tricky Wall Edges!

Surfaces in your home are analyzed and responded to with the same precision as stains and debris. So your Narwal Freo can switch seamlessly from vacuuming debris out of rugs to mopping stubborn stains off hardwood floors. And then drying them with hot air fans.

Yes, it has little hair dryers!

Corners will not be cut. Patented edgeswing tech has the Freo repositioning and rotating itself as many times as necessary to get its blend of rubber and bristle brushes into the hardest to reach crevices.

Powerful Performance: Impressive Cleaning Force and Quiet Operation!

Narwal Freo Vacuum

(Image credit: Narwal)

Your Freo can wipe out stains with a downward force of 12 Newtons (about twice the power of the closest competitor), the brushes run at up to 180 rpm (the same Beats Per Minute as OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya’) and it runs quietly, between 48-59dB (that's about the same noise as gentle rain, and 50% less than the industry average).

Finally, the Narwal Freo is as meticulous about cleaning itself as it is about scrubbing everything else.

All-in-One Brilliance: Hands-Free with Self-Cleaning Perfection!

The docking station – a sleek, minimalist affair looking kind of like a designer Hi-Fi bass box – can be connected directly to your water supply for automatic water exchange, so there's no need to lug jugs of water about, and no forgetting to top it up.

There's a handy (and thankfully child proof) LCD display, and naturally you can monitor and control everything from your smartphone. So setting up a quick spot clean or shifting the cleaning schedule is a breeze. But honestly? Most of the time you won't even need to give it a second thought.

The Narwal Freo will happily refresh its water supply, clean and dry its mopping pads and rinse out its bristles between cleaning cycles.

If it were a human you'd have it diagnosed with OCD. As it's a robot you'll just say 'It's about time' and get on with your life.

And, of course, this Cyber Monday you can cut the regular price almost in half with a $600 saving off the $1399.99 RRP, and pick up the Narwal Freo for just $799.99. Add Narwal's floor cleaner for an Extra $100 Off – Total Savings: $700! Elevate Your Cleaning with This Exclusive Offer. 

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