See the future of smartphones with the HONOR Magic V2

HONOR Magic V2 family
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The very best smartphones don't just have great hardware. They have great software too. And the HONOR Magic V2 may well have the best software of any flagship phone. In fact, it's so good it feels like the future: a smarter, safer, more stylish future.

You can see magic happen in this video, featuring top tech influencer Austin Evans playing two characters in the same game at the same time. And that’s all down to a clever new feature in the HONOR Magic V2 called Parallel Space.

Safer, smarter and more convenient

One of the smartest features in the HONOR Magic V2 is called Parallel Space, and its job is to create a secure safe space on your smartphone. You can use that space to store your most confidential documents, keep your personal photos away from prying eyes and run apps in their own secure space to provide even better privacy protection. That means you can have incredibly strong privacy protection for the apps and services that need it without having to keep your phone locked down in high security mode when it doesn't need to be.

That's not all. Because you can run Parallel Space in parallel with your other apps and in Split-Screen mode, it means you can get around some of the tricks websites like to pull – so for example if you're looking at booking a trip or a ticket and want to get the very lowest price, you can open your app in Parallel Space to see if there's a better deal when the site sees you as a brand new visitor.

It also enables you to use multiple accounts in the same app, which is really useful for social media and for keeping your personal and work lives separate, or to export data from one account in an app to a different account in the same app. And you can use it to play two different characters in the same game at the same time.

HONOR parallel space

(Image credit: Austin Evans Video Content)

Smarter screens

Split-Screen isn't the only excellent display feature you'll find in the HONOR Magic V2. With Smart Multi-Window, you can multi-task across not just two but up to four individual windows – so you can watch a TV show while chatting about it with your friends or work across multiple apps simultaneously. It's a great way to make the most of the HONOR Magic V2's huge 7.9-inch internal screen: thanks to HONOR's clever engineering the firm has managed to pack a tablet-sized display into one of the thinnest and lightest folding phones ever made. At just 231g in weight and 9.9mm thick when folded, It's an astonishing piece of hardware.

If you don't need the power of four windows, the HONOR Magic V2 also enables you to run two apps at the same time in either split screen or floating window mode for maximum flexibility. Floating window mode is particularly good for watching videos without having to switch out of the app you're working in.

The screen in the HONOR Magic V2 really has to be seen to be believed. It's an astonishing example of precision engineering, it suspended water-drop design delivering both strength and flexibility; it's seamless when folded and completely creaseless when unfolded. That makes it perfectly portable and incredibly useful whether you're using one app, two apps or four.

The Honor Magic V2

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Tune in to see the future of phones

The phone of the future won’t just be an amazing phone. It’ll be the centre of your digital life, with clever AI that learns your routines, your preferences and your favourite people to help you live your best life. It’ll talk to all your devices so that AI power and personalisation is available everywhere you go, and its display may even become its entire outside with incredibly realistic visuals – enabling you to change your phone’s appearance to match your mood, your outfit or your surroundings. 

This isn’t science fiction: this is the future that HONOR wants to bring you, and it’s going to reveal some really amazing smartphone innovations at this year’s IFA 2023 show on 1 September. Its keynote, titled "Unfold Tomorrow", is a must-watch because it’s not a simple product reveal; it’s a glimpse of the future of pretty much everything. As HONOR puts it, "It's time for foldable smartphones to step into the limelight, using technology to empower the fashion industry and reshape future life experiences." 

We're promised not one but a whole series of innovations that'll help us see the connected future: what will life be like when our phones know us even better than our friends do, when your phone is a fashion item as well as functional, when the smartphone is at the very centre of your digital life? This is one stream you really don't want to miss.

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