On sale via Currys: Samsung Neo QLED

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It's a little staggering to think about how far display technology has come in just the past twenty-odd years. Back then, CRT screens were still relatively commonplace, and LCD picture quality still hadn't quite caught up. Flash-forward to 2021, and we've reached a level of quality that would make someone from 2000 blanch. 

Today, we're pleased to announce that display technology is about to take another enormous leap forward, courtesy of Samsung. A few years ago, the company introduced Quantum Dot Technology to its LED displays, hence the moniker QLED. The manufacturer of Omdia's number one best-selling TV brand for 15 years running has now further iterated on that revolutionary tech — and if you aren't excited, you should be.  

What Is Samsung Neo QLED?  

A Quantum Leap Forward

Samsung Neo Quantum Processor

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To understand what makes Samsung Neo QLED technology so exciting, we first need to explain a few basics about the technology that serves as its foundation. QLED TVs leverage something known as Quantum Dots. Manufactured at nanoscale size, these ultra-fine semiconductor materials are arranged into a film and positioned in front of a regular LED backlight. 

By adjusting to different particle sizes at quantum-level velocities, QLED screens are able to express brighter, more vibrant colours than ordinary LED technology — 100% of VDE's certified DCI-P3 cinematic colour standard. What this means is that even if you're watching television in broad daylight, you'll be able to enjoy a bright, diverse range of true-to-life colours.

Samsung Neo QLED builds on QLED technology. Forty times smaller than conventional LEDs, Samsung Quantum Mini LEDs are controlled by Samsung's extremely precise Quantum Matrix technology, tremendously improving picture quality. This also works in tandem with the company's AI-powered Neo Quantum Processor to display finer highlights and extreme black detail, delivering the sharpest 8K/4K picture quality on the market. 

The New Standard in Quality

Quantum Matrix Technology

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In short, Samsung Neo QLED represents the next evolution in display tech. With AI that automatically adapts, upscales, and supercharges quality and Quantum Matrix Technology that fine-tunes brightness and sharpens contrast, you can enjoy a level of quality you never thought possible. And with Object Tracking 3D Sound, you can experience an unprecedented level of immersion, whether you're watching a movie, playing games, or settling in to binge some Netflix. 

Some models even come with an Anti-Reflection Screen to let you keep watching even in bright daylight, and a Slim One Connect to hide your cables for pure, distraction-free viewing at its best. 

An Unbeatable Offer from Currys 

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We will take a look at 3 Samsung Neo QLED Models, each of these models will allow you to see every epic moment in super-fine, brilliant detail, and also includes an abundance of apps and services to enjoy, with access to all the must-see streaming entertainment on the market. Each model also features several of its own distinctive benefits. 

Samsung QN95A Neo QLED Smart TV 

Ultra-viewing angle with an Anti-Reflection  Screen.

An elegant, minimalist design that's gorgeous from all angles. 

Keep your cables out of sight with Slim One Connect. 

Immersive 3D audio through Object tracking sound PLUS with 8 dedicated speakers. 

Quantum HDR 2000 powered by HDR10+

Samsung QN94A Neo QLED Smart TV 

Ultra-viewing angle with an anti-reflection screen.(* Wide Viewing Angle applicable to 50" QN94A.

An elegant, minimalist design that's gorgeous from all angles.

Transport yourself to the heart of the action with Object Tracking Sound PLUS, delivered by 8 dedicated speakers. (OTS Lite available with 50" QN94A)

Samsung QN85A Neo QLED Smart TV 

Quantum HDR1500 powered by HDR10+.

Immersive 3D audio via Object Tracking Sound and 6 dedicated speakers. 

Elegant and gorgeous to look at from all sides. 

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