Keep your small business safe: Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business with Dell today

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Is your business running on an older version of Windows? With Dell, you can upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business, protect your business from cyber threats and get access to incredible new features, all while saving you a ton of dough. The Dell Technologies account team makes this upgrade smooth and painless, giving you 24/7 support and a dedicated team of Microsoft 365 technical support engineers.


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Microsoft 365 Business: Protection from cyberthreats

Microsoft 365 Business comes with over 900 built-in controls to help you stay on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape. With over 50 global, U.S. government, industry, and regional certifications, you can trust Microsoft 365 to protect your business. With all the added protection of Microsoft 365 Defender, you won’t need a degree in cybersecurity to protect your business and data.

Microsoft 365 Defender stops cyberattacks with automated, cross-domain security and built-in AI. Defender works across all your Microsoft 365 services to prevent cyber threats in the first place, as well as swiftly deal with more sophisticated attacks. It automatically prevents cross-domain attacks, reduces signal noise by prioritizing incidents in a single dashboard, auto-heals affected assets, and hunts down threats across all your Microsoft 365 data.

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Microsoft 365 Business: Streamline your business with new features

Upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business won’t just give you added protection from cyberthreats. It will also give you access to updated new features, like Teams, Exchange, and SharePoint.

With Teams, you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one, convenient place with an immersive and dynamic experience. Teams is constantly adding new features to help you deliver more professional presentations and create more engaging experiences. Incorporating all the familiar apps you’re already using, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as new features, like Teams Connect, Dynamic View, and Together mode, Teams will have you ditching Zoom for good.

Exchange, Microsoft’s email and calendaring server gives your employees access to hosted business email, calendars, and contacts from anywhere. Exchange is easy to maintain and incorporates all the top-notch security Microsoft is known for. It even offers integration with Outlook for a familiar, user-friendly experience.

You will also be able to better facilitate collaboration within your business using SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online lets you create websites to store, organize, share and access information from any device, through any web browser or the mobile app. Best of all, SharePoint Online eliminates the need to host your own server, with cloud-based hosting.

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Microsoft 365 Business brought to you by Dell

Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business with Dell and enjoy extra support and assistance at no additional cost. As a Dell Technologies customer, you’ll have the support of a dedicated team of Microsoft 365 technical support engineers. You’ll get access to Microsoft Certified Licensing specialists, as well as round-the-clock support through email, chat, or phone.

The Dell Technologies account team will consolidate all your IT purchasing in one centralized location. You’ll also get added support setting up your account, migrating your email, and onboarding, freeing up your time and energy to focus on your business. You won’t have to muddle through the process alone or shell out a ton of money hiring an IT professional.

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Microsoft 365 Business from Dell: One cost-effective solution

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business. Starting as low as $15 a month, you not only get all the security and new features Microsoft 365 Business has to offer but also the full support of Dell Technologies to make sure your upgrade is seamless.