ESR MagSafe chargers and cases are ready to level up your new iPhone 15

ESR Magsafe chargers
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It’s upgrade season! Rumors and news have been swirling about the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, and now the newest smartphone from Apple is finally making its way into the hands of consumers. If you’re considering upgrading your current smartphone to the iPhone 15, you may wonder if any accessories are compatible with your new device. When it comes to MagSafe chargers and protective cases, ESR already has you covered.

MagSafe charging at home or work

ESR Magsafe compatible charging station

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ESR offers 3 different MagSafe-compatible charging stations that are modern and aesthetically pleasing enough to fit in decoratively at home and work. The ESR 25W 3-in-1 Charger with MagSafe and CryoBoost, the ESR 100W 6-in-1 Charging Station with MagSafe + CryoBoost, and the ESR 3-in-1 Watch Wireless Charging Set (HaloLock) offer MagSafe charging solutions that are Apple-certified. You can quickly and reliably charge not just the latest smartphone but also your Apple Watch and AirPods Pro, 3 or 2 model earbuds in approximately 3 hours. 

ESR utilizes its own CryoBoot technology for its MagSafe charging stations. CryoBoost technology makes it possible to charge your Apple devices quicker with ESR charging stations, as the devices are not thermal throttled as a result of overheating while on charge. Thanks to the cooling technology, you can continue watching videos on your favorite apps, in portrait or landscape mode, without interruption while the device is on charge. Other charges can take up to 4.5 hours and only charge up to 80% when viewing videos while connected, but CryoBoost chargers from ESR keep your iPhone cool and allow it to charge fully to 100% in record time.

MagSafe charging on the go

ESR Magsafe chargers and cases

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Unfortunately, smartphones don’t always wait for the most opportune moment before they need to be charged. If you’ve never found yourself out and about when the battery symbol on your phone turned red, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, there’s the 3-in-1 Travel Charging Station with HaloLock from ESR. The travel charger is made from vegan leather, so it looks great while also providing a powerful charge in a snap for your Apple devices. 

The 3-in-1 travel charging station is incredibly portable and can be folded to fit in your pocket with your iPhone or easily placed in a small bag while on the go. When extended, the case functions as a kickstand so that your phone can be set vertically, allowing you to watch videos or use other apps while the phone is on charge. 

In addition to quick charging in your pocket, the ESR 15W Car Charger with MagSafe + CryoBoost can allow you to benefit from lightning fast wireless charging inside your vehicle. With MagSafe-compatibility and CryoBoost technology, the 15W Magnetic Car Charger from ESR can charge an iPhone 14 Pro to 100% in just 2 hours and 5 minutes, even when navigational apps are in use during charging. Other comparable chargers can take up to 8 hours, and stop at just a 94% charge. 

ESR Magsafe car charger

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The 15W Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is made of polycarbonate and ABS and offers 2000 gf of magnetic locking force. Like other CryoBoost chargers, the built-in cooling system specific to ESR allows the charger to keep your iPhone cool while in use and charging wireless, allowing you to get a quicker, fuller charge without encountering thermal throttle. 

Protective cases with Stash Stand

ESR’s lineup of MagSafe-compatible devices for the iPhone doesn’t stop at chargers. It also boasts an impressive array of protective cases that keep your phone safe while benefiting from MagSafe compatibility.  The Classic Hybrid Case with Stash Stand is a patented ESR exclusive. This all around do-it-all case is up to 0.7 mm thinner than competitor’s protective cases so your phone fully benefits from unobstructed MagSafe charging. The classic case is a premium clear case that offers military-grade protection and a reliable zinc alloy camera-lens stand that provides ample protection for your iPhone’s camera in addition to pulling double-duty as a kickstand. 

ESR Magsafe cases

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If you’re concerned you need a little extra “something” to keep your iPhone safe, the Armor Tough Case with Stash Stand is a premium tough case featuring a screen guard, Armorite lens protectors, and is reinforced with shock-absorbing Air Guard corners that exceed military-grade protection standards.  The Armor Tough case also features a dedicated camera-lens Stash Stand, so you can safely use your smartphone to watch your favorite videos or play games without fear of damage. 

An Armor Tough Case can be a bit much if you prefer a softer user experience for your iPhone. The Cloud Soft Case with Stash Stand still provides military-grade protection, but it features a soft and deluxe silicone casing that offers a better grip. The Cloud Soft Case is also equipped with a Stash Stand for camera lens support and versatile kickstand functionality that can be used in portrait or landscape with ease.

All of ESR’s MagSafe-compatible cases offer HaloLock technology with powerful built-in magnets that ensure your iPhone can lock on to MagSafe-compatible chargers like those previously mentioned from ESR. Both the Classic Hybrid and Armor Tough cases offer 1500g of magnetic lock, while the Cloud Soft Case features 1200g of magnetic locking power. The cases are also incredibly thin compared to competitor’s cases, allowing you to charge your phone without removing the case and still benefiting from a full MagSafe charge to 100% in just 2.5 hours.

Accessories you can trust

Founded in 2009, ESR has a brand mission to make tech easier and more accessible. This effort was realized in 2020 when the first MagSafe charger from ESR was released. Since then, ESR has continued to level up its line of Apple-certified MagSafe devices to improve the user experience and provide solutions for fast and reliable wireless charging for all of your favorite Apple products. ESR’s product family has expanded to include multiple charging stands, car and travel chargers, and unique protective cases that utilize MagSafe technology to improve the user experience of your iPhone.