4 ways you can save with Verizon

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You don’t have to pay a fortune to have quality phone service. Verizon has more than a few ways to help you get a price that’ll work for your budget, with plenty of options to help you not only save but also get plenty of extra value. Here are a few of the ways you can score a great price on a plan.

Group up

One sure way to get great value on a Verizon plan is to get together with friends or family to put multiple lines onto the account. If you have four lines on an account, you can see especially low prices per line. In fact, four people on the same account could be paying less for their service than two people with lines on individual accounts. Pair this trick with some of the others, and you can really see your value go through the roof. 

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Sign up for Auto Pay and paperless billing

It sounds simple, and it is, but if you sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing, you can save another $10 every month. That savings applies on a per-line basis, too, so if you’ve got four people on the account with these features active, you’ll save $40 on the bill. That’s saving you not only money but also time. Now you don’t have more mail to open and you don’t have to remember to sign in and pay the same phone bill every month. 

Check out the Welcome Unlimited plan

Of course, those methods of lowering your monthly bill are only good in so far as they reduce a fair starting price for your mobile plan. So, Verizon has a high-value plan for new customers looking to switch over. The Welcome Unlimited plan starts at $70/month when you bring your own phone, giving you access to the Verizon 5G Nationwide network that covers over 2,700 cities in the United States. That price can immediately shrink to $60/month when adding Auto Pay and paperless billing to the plan. With two people, you’ll each only pay $50 a month. Got more friends and family? Go for four lines, and Verizon will charge just $25 per line. Want another? It’s $20 per line with five or more lines. 

A price that sweet isn’t likely to last, and it’s unsurprisingly a limited time offer, but Verizon won’t switch it up on you if you sign up while the deal is running. In fact, Verizon is offering a three-year price guarantee, so you can lock in the low price.

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Pick and choose different plans per line

The value of Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan is impressive, but users who need more from the mobile plan, like access to Verizon’s extra-fast 5G Ultra Wideband network, HD video streaming, or mobile hotspot data can still get a strong value out of Verizon’s other plans. They still provide lower prices when getting multiple lines and using Auto Pay and paperless billing as well. And since not everyone has the same needs from their mobile plan, Verizon allows mixing and matching its different plans. 

To get started with your own Verizon plan, you can sign up here.