Smart home workouts start with Gymera

Gymera Home Gym
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Home gyms aren't usually this inspiring.

Tricky to set up, limited in the number of exercises they support and uninviting to look at, all these things traditionally achieve is to make you feel bad about yourself in your own lounge. Which now looks like a prison workout yard.

It's well past time for things to change and now they have. The Gymera, launching this month on Kickstarter, combines sleek good looks with ruggedly flexible resistance performance and cutting edge smart tech to deliver an exciting array of opportunities for your daily, weekend or whenever-you-can workout.

The six foot frame sits on a solid base, with two fully adjustable rotating arms delivering 220 lbs of precise digital resistance. The 27 inch, rotatable, HD touch screen is packed with smart tech, including a 5MP camera, motion tracking, gesture and voice control for a vast range of possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned lifter, devoted yoga practitioner or just looking to get off the sofa and get in some cardio at your leisure, the Gymera has a range of innovations to drive significant improvements in style and performance, or simply motivate you to get involved in the first place.

And, while it's changing your life, the Gymera looks as good as you will. Self-contained and requiring zero installation, build quality is superb and stylish, with the unit itself folding away to just the screen atop a full length mirror so you can admire the benefits.

Your personal professional trainer

With a range of quality, gym-level smart accessories, the Gymera packs a whole room's worth of exercise options into its frame. From bicep curls to squats, lat pulldowns to bench presses, you have everything you need for a full body workout.

There's more. You can monitor your form using the screen and camera, or have the AI step in, tracking and correcting motion and posture in real time, like an ever-present personal trainer.

For even more of a personal touch there are thousands of guided workouts on board, with professional trainers guiding you through every exercise, step-by-step. This includes the unique 'Two Coach' option, where one demonstrates the exercise and another explains it, for an incomparable fitness experience.

Finally, you can use the tilt and turn screen and camera to dial in to group workouts with your friends, and there are hundreds of live classes available with subscription (although no sub is needed for the impressive and expanding onboard library).

Or you could, you know, just watch your favorite movie?

However you choose to get yourself going and improve your progress, everything from heart rate, to range motion, to total weight lifted is all comprehensively tracked by the onboard tech and recorded in the Gymera app. You can even use the onboard camera to snap a selfie whenever you want to capture a particularly shareable pose.

Gymera - All work and all play

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Digital resistance

Underneath all that smart tech, the heart of the Gymera is a pair of finely tuned motors, delivering precisely regulated resistance of up to 110 lbs each to the adjustable arms, in a number of styles.

Constant resistance is the default of course, effectively targeted to muscle groups by the smart accessories and expert form guidance.

The chains setting will challenge you with constantly increasing resistance, and you can also wind down at the end of your session with recovery mode.

Or expect the unexpected with eccentric mode, where resistance is targeted to the negative portion of your movement.

Gymera Ultimate Smart Home Gym

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All work and all play

Of course, all the technique and tech in the world is nothing without motivation, and the Gymera has this covered too. Set your machine to fun with console-levels of gamification to enliven your regular routine.

Fancy a game of Tug of War with your friends? Set up the arms and bands and have a GyTug battle. Or turn your regular rowing session into a wild kayak ride with GyBoating.

With that camera and screen integrated with VR tech and flexible digital resistance, there's really no limit to the possibilities on offer or the places you can go on your fitness journey.

Look out for a whole range of future games to come.

Up to 45% off

Launching on December 8 at 10 am ET, the Gymera will be available to early Kickstarter supporters for up to 45% off the retail price. If you're quick you'll be able to order the Gymera Luxury model, with the higher end chipset, display and accessories, for just $2599.

This beauty is a real beast.