Passwords are over – but 1Password is just getting started

(Image credit: 1Password)

We’re big fans of password managers, which store all your passwords in one place and help you to stay safe online. We’ve tested dozens, but none can match 1Password for its security, ease of use, and pricing.

Not that the folks at 1Password are resting on their laurels, though. Indeed, they’ve just added a shiny new game-changing feature. Passkey support – currently in public beta – is rolling out now across the major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Brave, Firefox, and Safari.

Signing in just got a whole lot faster

New to passkeys? These unique digital ‘keys’ are fast replacing traditional passwords. Each passkey is unique, can’t be reused, and consists of two parts. The private half is stored in an encrypted format on your device, protecting you from phishing attacks and data breaches.

And since you need both halves of a passkey for authentication, nobody can access your online accounts without physical access to your devices – and a way to unlock them (which is all but impossible when you mix in today’s biometric technology).

Using a passkey is a piece of cake. There’s nothing to memorize and nothing to type out. Simply navigate to a website that supports passkeys, head to the sign-in page or button, and let 1Password work its magic (here’s a handy list of passkey-friendly sites).

It’s also worth mentioning that Watchtower, 1Password's security-monitoring tool that flags reused passwords and breached websites, will let you know when a website you’ve saved adds passkey support.

Passkeys: the future of authentication

One of the most frustrating things about some other password managers? They lack support across platforms, resulting in your passkeys being locked into their ecosystem. 1Password has no such limitations and doesn’t lock you into their ecosystem, making it so you can use your passkeys on whatever device/major browser you already use.

Worried that you could end up juggling hundreds of passkeys? Don’t – 1Password remembers where you’ve chosen to use passkeys and serves up the correct credentials each and every time, whatever the website or login method. Neat.

You can even share your passkeys with a family member or trusted co-worker; simply add the passkey to a shared vault or provide access to an individual passkey.

Get the passwordless experience you deserve

Right, ready to kiss passwords goodbye? Simply sign up for 1Password (if you’ve not already), open a compatible website, and create or update your account with a passkey, rather than a password.

That’s it – you’re done! In our humble opinion, staying ten steps ahead of today’s hackers and cybercriminals has never been easier.

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