Award-winning Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV is up to $200 off exclusively through Best Buy

Roku TV in living room
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When it comes to TV shopping, knowing how to choose an excellent value TV isn’t easy. There are dozens of options spanning different manufacturers, prices, sizes, and features and more. But fear not, if you’re searching for an impressive new TV within a reasonable budget, we have a tried-and-tested recommendation for you.

The Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV, available exclusively at Best Buy, is considered “an outstanding value” by Tom’s Guide’s TV experts for its affordability, well-rounded performance and intuitive smart TV interface. Striking the ultimate balance of price-to-performance, this in-brand Roku TV is among our favorite units to hit our testing bench this year. It even earned a coveted Editor’s Choice award.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade you’ll see from the Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV compared to your current set is outstanding HDR color. This TV’s HDR color performance will make all of your favorite shows and movies pop, so you feel like you’re a part of the action. Whether it’s a major sporting event, high-action Star Wars show on Disney Plus or you’ve rented a new movie release, we can assure you that this TV won’t miss a single detail.

What’s more, the Roku Series Plus 4K QLED TV is powered by Roku’s integrated smart TV streaming platform. This means you’ll find all your beloved streaming services in the TV app library. The interface makes sure your recently-watched content is readily available, so you can dive back into binge-watching. It also helps you discover new movies and shows based on your interests, so there’s no worries about not knowing what to watch. Plus, there are a number of free streaming options, too.

The Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV comes in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch configurations, normally starting at $499. Right now, at Best Buy, the exclusive retailer for these TVs, all sizes are on sale, with savings up to $200 off.

With a TV of such fantastic value, you don’t want to wait for this deal to expire. Take it from Tom’s Guide TV’s experts — the Roku Plus Series 4K QLED TV is held in high regards, and you won’t find many other TVs of its quality for the price.