Enjoy a better, more private internet with 50% off ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Plus discount offer
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There’s a better way to browse. In the current climate when your personal data and internet traffic is constantly up for grabs, a VPN can provide some crucial relief. Proton offers a top-notch VPN service to give you improved security, privacy from nosy ISPs, a better online experience, and performance that won’t hinder your internet use.

Proton has your security and privacy at heart. The company knows your data isn’t something you want to just hand over to your network provider. Its commitment to this is so deeply held that Proton even welcomed the creator of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, to serve on its advisory board. With ProtonVPN, you can securely route your traffic to help protect the data you’re sending and receiving over the web.

ProtonVPN’s network is spread across more than  1,400 servers in 61 countries. By routing your traffic through these servers, you can hide your IP address from websites and actors that would otherwise be able to access it and determine your location.  

ProtonVPN also secures your data with end-to-end encryption, so anyone trying to see what information is being transmitted simply won’t be able to — including Proton itself. Likewise, Proton’s no-logging policy means it’s not keeping tabs on things like your browsing history. And on top of that, Proton also offers a Secure Core architecture to route your traffic through multiple servers in multiple locations (including the most privacy-friendly countries like Switzerland and Sweden), so your data can remain safe even if a server in one location is compromised.

This may all sound fairly complex, but Proton makes it easy for you. Connecting to ProtonVPN is simple with a user-friendly application that you can use on a wide variety of devices. It also enables some handy features. A built-in ad blocker can weed out ads before they ever reach your device — just wait and see how much smoother your devices run without video advertisements popping up on every page you visit. And there's the ability to access global streaming services by routing your traffic through different regions around the world. 

To stream, you’ll of course need some speed. Proton isn’t going to slow you down when you’re on the internet like some VPNs you may have tried in the past. Proton recently added the WireGuard protocol to its service for extra-fast connections. You can even get up to 10Gbps of bandwidth with a ProtonVPN Plus subscription. 

Proton is providing a steep discount through the end of the year to help make this better way of accessing the internet available to more people. You can get up to 50% off ProtonVPN Plus here — Proton’s largest discount ever. So if you’re interested in experiencing better internet on a budget, go check out what Proton has to offer.