Real Life Tron Lightcycle Gets a New Electric Motor

Back in December, Parker Brothers Choppers created 10 incredible, street-legal Tron Lightcycles. Luckily for the green-loving Tron fan, they are now back with an all electric drive train. The new version of the lightcycle is powered by a 96-volt electric motor, comprised of several lithium-ion battery cells that drive the bike for approximately 100 miles per charge. The range might not be as high as a Nissan Leaf, but a full charge is estimated to take as little as 15 to 35 minutes.

Electric Tron Lightcycle

In addition to the change in drive-train, Parker Brothers have added stunning authentic Tron illumination that can be turned on and off at the simple flick of a switch. Of course to go along with the incredible lighting, the bicycle is also capable of pumping out quite a bit of power topping out at a speed of over 100mph. For more information on the new and improved lightcycle, head on over to Parker Brothers Choppers here.

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