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Concept Stereo Spells Out Your Audio

Used as Read is a concept home entertainment system that made the online rounds last year. It's perhaps the most idiot-proof piece of technology ever imagined, as it each component clearly spells out its purpose.

For instance, the controls of the remote control are designed around the large letters on the side spelling out "REMOTE". The volume level and radio station selectors are jog dials directly integrated into the "O", while the other buttons are on top of the "R" and "E".

The same literal design of the remote applies to the rest of the stereo's components, the main units ("RADIO" and "MUSIC"), the subwoofer ("WOOF"), two speakers ("SPEAKER") and even a Wi-Fi access point ("WLAN"). At the back the necessary input ports are clearly labeled, with the components keeping the cable clutter hidden from view.

Like a normal stereo, it's possible to stack components on top of each other, allowing the construction of words stacks that blare out your Britney Spears collection. Unfortunately, as a concept with no visible progress since it first appeared, it's doubtful if Used as Read will ever debut the real-life consumer electronics market.

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