Stylish SmartWallet Adds a Portable Battery

Contributing Writer

It almost seemed as though the traditional, backpocket wallet was to become the latest casualty of tech consolidation, as smartphone cases began to double as card and cash carriers. Then there are the apps, such as Google Wallet, replacing the physical functions altogether. Now there's hope that this fashionable accessory need not die, thanks to a Kickstarter project called SmartWallet.  

It's true the Boston-based startup StreetSmart Brand wasn't touched by genius when it came up with the name, SmartWallet precisely conveys what backers will get. This premium leather wallet features a clip to store money and cards, an inside pocket that contains a 1000 mAh battery and a zippered compartment to hold a smartphone charging cord.

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The SmartWallet promises to store a full smartphone (iPhone or Android) charge. The device also includes a Bluetooth LE locator to their wallet. That can help find misplaced wallets tucked between couch cushions via a smartphone app. Or for a more drastic lost, this wallet also contains a GPS tracker.

StreetSmart Brand is currently hoping to raise $35,000 via Kickstarter. The first 100 backers can preorder a wallet without a cord for $75. All other backers can preorder one for $98. If users do want a cord, the company can preorder a wallet with one for $149. The wallets will come in either Jasper, Onyx or Amber. For those who want the chic wallet, StreetSmart has designed a Striped Moonstone SmartWallet that is Kickstarter-Exclusive. Backers can preorder their own for $199. StreetSmart expects to deliver all wallets by February 2015.