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Renovo's Handcrafted Bike to Last Decades

While bicycles have essentially maintained the same architecture since 1885, it hasn't been without some minor improvements. These days, high-performance models have carbon fiber or steel frames, with lots of advanced polymers for all the little pieces. So it's quite interesting to see that despite these advances, one bike manufacturer saw fit to craft one entirely out of wood.

This wooden two-wheeled masterpiece by Renovo is called the R4. The nice varnished hardwood definitely evokes a sense of style, but that's not the only reason Renovo prefers to use bamboo and lumber. According to them, the wooden frames are lightweight, provides customizable stiffness and can withstand impacts that would dent metal. Since it's wood, it's also bound to outlive you and your children.

Just keep these bikes out of the rain or within chomping distance of termites, and you'll have a green transport that you can hand down to your great grandchildren.

[source: Renovo Wooden Bikes]

[photos courtesy of Wired]