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Mophie's Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6 Can Take a Beating

LAS VEGAS - Mophie is released a new line of portable battery/cases for iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus at CES 2015. The most intriguing case in the lineup is the $119 juice pack plus for iPhone 6 - for starters, it will give you an extra 120 percent of battery life whenever you need it. In classic Mophie fashion, the case has the notch on the back to turn the pack on and off, so you can control just how much battery power to use.

The case looks like the classic Mophie style. The pack's black shell felt smooth in my hand, and felt lighter than previews Mophie cases. It is, in fact, thinner and lighter than the iPhone 5 version of the Juice Pack. Now the case secures around your iPhone with a detachable piece at the top rather than the bottom.

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The Juice Pack Plus is Mophie’s most durable case yet, but the company made it so by adding discreet design touches in the right places to provide extra protection without compromising style. Along the inside edges of the case are bright green, shock-absorbing, rubberized bumpers that hold your iPhone almost suspended within the case. This protects your iPhone from drops and falls.

Mophie also debuted the Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6, which will give you 100 percent more battery, and the base Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus, which provides 60 percent more battery starting at $99. The company told me that it focused on making the iPhone 6 Plus pack as slim as possible.

Nevertheless, the new line of Mophie cases is comprehensive and exciting -- we can’t wait to get our hands on a few to review so stay tuned.

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