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ModuLAB Revolutionizes Computer Labs

Current computer labs can be riddled with a plethora of outdated computers, messy wires and uncomfortable seating arrangements. Fortunately for future students, the ModuLAB looks to revolutionize the computer lab learning experience in the years to come.

In collaboration with DELL, designers Ala'a Alghufaili and Junjie Piao have created a computer lab based on modular tablet-like computers that are networked and managed by a single computer server.

The panels may also be used in conjunction with laptops to bring all of the features of the ModuLAB computers to your own personal laptop. Such features include a dvd drive, usb ports, touch screen, speakers as well as a keyboard and mouse tucked away in the display.

When not in use, the computers are placed easily into the wall with a space saving design that will give computer labs more room for spacious desks and comfortable seating. This would allow the easy formation or study groups and bring an aspect of social learning in comparison to being stuck at a tiny desk with a single computer.