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Reanimate your iMac into a Coffee Machine

When iMacs came out, they definitely had the edge in looks compared to stuffy old PC desktops. What they didn't have, unfortunately, was the capacity for upgrades. After a few years, the iMac slowly got edged out by faster computers, and owners had no choice but to either throw them in the recyclables bin or let them gather dust in garages as a failed icon of style over substance.

Well it's time to strap some electrodes onto your old plastic gumdrop and breathe new life into it, all without the icky, bloody mess that usually comes with corpse reanimation. Modder Klaus Diebel is offering to re-purpose your iMac into a fashionable new home accessory of your choice. Whether you need a new iPhone dock, a coffee machine, or a mailbox, you can give it that distinctive iMac look that says you'd rather have a non-upgradeable box than be caught dead with a PC.

Klaus is also offering mods for the Power Mac G4 and Cube cases, as a multiplug power outlet strip and subwoofer, respectively. So if you want to bring the late 90's back in style, take your iMac out of storage and head over to his site Kiwidee for pricing info.

[source: kiwidee via Technabob]