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How Many Drivers Do You Need in Your Earphones?


Same clear casing, same strong braided cable, same functional look; only the drivers distinguish the UM1 and UM2

Like Shure and Sennheiser, Westone (also known as Variphone in Europe) has a background catering to professional musicians. That's one reason why the UM1 and UM2 earphones emphasis function over form and practicality over design. From the twisted black cable to the hard carry case with its useful but plastic wrist strap, these phones beg you to listen to them rather than look at them. You wouldn't pick these to match your iPod; you'd choose them for the sound they produce and their noise isolation - Westone also has a background manufacturing for other high-end manufacturers.

The question is: would you pick the single driver UM1 earphones, the dual driver UM2 phones, or another pro in-ear brand instead?

Small, neat and robust rather than stylish: Westone UM1 Single Driver True Fit Earphones.

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