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Second Life Successor Puts You In Virtual Reality World

Since the inception of life simulator Second Life in 2003, millions of people have crafted and lived in virtual worlds teeming with unique inhabitants. The game's immersive nature seems like a natural fit for virtual reality, and one of the former founders of "Second Life" has set out to marry the two with his new project, High Fidelity.

As highlighted by The Verge, High Fidelity is a life simulation from Philip Rosedale that aims to surround your eyeballs with the Second Life experience. Instead of being hosted on developer servers like Second Life, High Fidelity would be user-hosted, meaning there could be roughly 600 million servers as opposed to a few hundred-thousand, according to Rosedale.

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High Fidelity is designed to support both virtual reality headsets and full-body motion trackers, so you'll be able physically walk around an array of user-created worlds while getting an immersive view of your surroundings. Unfortunately, the version of High Fidelity on display at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference only supported one peripheral at once, but we're hoping the final build will track body movements while simultaneously supporting a virtual reality headset.

High Fidelity is expected to launch sometime next year, and Rosedale has opened up the development process for anyone that wants to contribute to the life simulator's worlds. Given the massive popularity of Second Life, we can certainly see Rosedale's new simulator finding a fanbase in users who want to enter a virtual environment beyond the constraints of their mouse and keyboard.

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