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World's First Full Face Transplant Done in France

The operation was carried out on a 35-year old patient named only as "Jerome" who suffered from a genetic disorder. Surgeon Laurent Lantieri carried out the 12-hour surgery, which is hailed as a world first because it included the transplant of tear ducts and eyelids.

Physorg cites Lantieri as saying Jerome is doing very well. Having waited two years for the transplant, his first reaction to seeing his new face in the mirror was to give two thumbs up.

"My patient is doing well. He is walking, eating, talking. His beard has started to grow back on his new face," Lantieri told the AFP.

The face transplant involved removing a whole face, including mouth and eyelids, from a corpse and attaching to Jerome using a microscope to connect nerves and blood vessels.

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(Physorg via Engadget)