Cell Phones Have Become The Modern Tamagotchi


The focus group of the research was rather limited with the population of the university campus being adults between the ages of 19 and 24.

Esther Sweeney's research determined that mobile phones are very personal products and the individual ownership is "a big deal" for their owners. Phones are not shared and have become key entertainment devices, which is not very surprising. However, Sweeney also said that her survey suggests that, while phones have become a part of us, we do not use them to express ourselves - which indicates that phones could be seen as passive entertainment devices (at least at the campus of Kansas State University).

She went a bit further and compared cellphones to be the "adult version of electronic Tamagotchi pets" many students cared for when they were children: "People don't turn them off, are constantly playing with them, and want to show off the neat things the phone can do."