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BlackBerry Messenger 7 Launched, Make Free Voice Calls

Research In Motion has released BlackBerry Messenger 7, with the latest version of the service allowing users to text or talk with their BBM contacts.

The company integrated a new voice feature in the updated version of BBM, which allows users to execute free phone calls to BBM contacts through a local WiFi connection.

Users can start off the conversation by texting and then switch to a voice call if they should wish to do so. BlackBerry Messenger subscribers can also see when their BBM contacts are available for a voice call.

RIM launched the new BBM voice calling feature via the app's beta last month and noted it received a positive response from testers. 90 percent of those surveyed said they would utilize BBM Voice while traveling. BBM 7 also includes a split-screen feature to help manage multiple tasks such as texting, checking e-mail and making phone calls.

BlackBerry ID is also included; it backs up a user's BBM contacts, profiles and groups, which is then automatically restored when a new BlackBerry device is activated.

Currently, BlackBerry 7 supports smartphones running BlackBerry 6 or higher, with RIM saying support for BlackBerry 5 will come sometime during 2013.


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