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Steampunk iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Cases

It's always fascinating to see completely modern technology become reworked into a brassy piece of steampunk art. Designed by John William Dunn, these incredible iPhone 4 and iPod Touch cases definitely put an interesting spin on the world of apple technology. Putting your iPhone into one of these cases is like putting it into a time machine and sending it back to when it never existed. There's sure to be plenty of strange looks headed your way when you pull one of these out of your pocket.

This case is specially designed for the iPhone 4 and uses an English walnut frame that protects and encases the phone, while a decorative piece of brassy mesh covers the backside. Of course to keep with the steampunk theme, the act of syncing your iPhone has become a bit more complicated thanks to a spring operated door that allows access to accessory ports.

The iPod Touch version was created with a die cast metal brass plate to cover the back while the front was created with a pressed wood fiber and an additional coat of 'burlbrass" paint. Included with the case is its own custom home button that covers the original and is created out of wood and a brass bezel.

Considering the amount of time and effort that Dunn must've put into creating each of these, we were fairly surprised to see the price tags. At a very reasonable $55 for the iPod Touch model and $70 for the iPhone 4 model, you can get your very own steampunk case over on etsy.