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The SpareOne Cell Phone Runs On One AA Battery

Smartphones are a wonderful invention, but their wide range of abilities mean that battery life takes a beating. Sure, you can navigate your way around town, find the best restaurants, update your social networks, play games and send email, but you better not bank on doing these things for longer than a day because they're sure to run down your battery before nightfall. As a result of all these power-hungry activities, CES is filled with different devices for keeping your phone juiced without having to plug in. For those that are ready to ditch smartphones completely, there's also a phone that runs on just one AA battery.

Taking things back to the basics of cell phones (you know, making phone calls), the SpareOne phone is slim, light and incredibly power efficient. It's the brain child of battery technology company XPAL Power and it runs on just one battery. What's more, XPAL Power (the company behind Energizer and PowerSkin) claims that this phone can maintain its charge for up to 15 years. Of course, once you start using the thing, that drops considerably. Talk-time for the SpareOne is reported to be around 10 hours.

It's not a fancy phone, and it's definitely not going to help you find reviews of that new Mexican restaurant around the corner, but at $49.99 (SIM-free but GSM-only) it would make for a great addition to your car's first aid kit. Available sometime this quarter, you can purchase the SpareOne from or Different versions (for the Unites States, Europe and Asia) will be available with WCDMA frequency options for selected regions.