Homemade Robotic Tank Fires 1000 Rounds Per Minute

Designed by Beatty Robotics, this DIY robotic tank is a force to be reckoned with. Dubbed the Mechatronic Tank, this little robot is equipped with a fully functional 360 degree gun turret that can fire up to 1,000 brass or plastic pellets per minute. Weighing in at a hefty 45 pounds, the Mechatronic tank is also highly agile and capable of making swift, complex movements, all while while firing its turret independently.

Complete with four powerful motors and a software controlled drive system that allows the wheels to operate independently, the Mechatronic tank is capable of driving in any direction, or at any desired angle. To add a flashy flare to the tank, Beatty Robotics also added strips of 52 programmable RGB LED lights that have been mounted all around the Mechatron.

DIY Robot Tank

These LEDs not only provide an amusing lightshow, but also indicate what mode the robot is in and whether or not the weapon system is armed. Depending on which direction the individual wheels are facing, the LEDs will indicate whether the robot is stopped (blue), moving forward (green), or moving backwards (red).

For more information on this project or to check out some other great robots, be sure to head on over to Beatty Robotics' page here.

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