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Police Chief: iPhone Users Are Cowards

Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has gotten a little annoyed with owners of the iPhone. In fact, she basically calls them cowards... at least, those using a special app that pinpoints the location of cameras. Lanier took another jab at users with global positioning devices that also lock on to the cameras, saying that those who rely on the technology--whether it's the GP devices or the iPhone--will eventually get caught.

Unfortunately, efforts to outlaw the software would prove to be too difficult. "With the Internet and all the new technology, it's almost impossible to stop the flow of information," she told The Washington Examiner.

Joe Scott, founder and CEO of PhantomAlert, said that nine out of ten police departments across the country actually support his software despite Lanier's reservations. PhantomAlert supposedly mimics radar detectors by alerting drivers of nearby enforcement speed traps via GPS devices.

"If police come against us, it's going to make them look like they are only [after] revenue" from the camera-generated citations, he said.

There was no word on whether Lanier uses an iPhone during her personal time.