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Report: Sneak Peek at the Next Motorola Handsets

According to BGR, these snapshots are the next four handsets expected to come out of Motorola next year. One of them as early as Q1. Motorola has said it will be releasing a sort of social networking smartphone in Q2 of 2009 so which one of these hot handsets is it going to be?

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Rush 2

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Well, your guess is as good as ours. One thing to note is that two of the four have slide out QWERTY keypads. So it’s unlikely to be either of those. Don’t get us wrong, We’re all about QWERTY but a lot of teenagers (which would be a large part of Motorola’s target market with this social networking smartphone) wouldn’t be into a QWERTY keypad on their phone when most of them have spend the last couple of years learning how to text without looking or turbo text in class.

One thing is for sure, all of these phones are hot. Motorola seems to have ditched the slim idea in favor of something that’s slightly thicker, but still pulls of sleek and sexy. If any of them are running Android (which seems like a likely assumption) they’ll definitely be a pretty good alternative to the more industrial looking G1 from HTC. Just as a side note though, (before we put all of our eggs in the one Android basket), is that a Windows logo on the Flash? Scary.

Check out BGR for the full scoop.